Compression support socks for men

Support Socks For Men

Are you looking for support socks for men? For medically beneficial socks that provide all-day support and comfort without compromising on style, choose ArchTek.

After finding restrictions with the static nature of insoles and orthotics, Dr Bob; a highly qualified and experienced foot and ankle surgeon came up with the notion of incorporating the same technology into a sock. After partnering with our co-founder Eddie Kohan, they worked tirelessly, taking apart and analyzing the components of a sock, enhancing and improving each from the ground up.

Once they were happy that they had designed and created the perfect sock, ArchTek was born. With a focus on providing customers with supportive, comfortable socks in a variety of styles, ArchTek is proud to boast a collection that can be worn for every occasion. Read More

Discover ArchTek® Stylish Support Socks for Men

There are no other companies in the industry that can compare with ArchTek when it comes to providing supportive yet fashionable mens dress socks with arch support. Removing all aspects that can cause pain and discomfort during initial analysis, you won’t find a more comfortable, pain-relieving sock.

Each of our socks is comprised of 6 key elements:

  • Patented Arch Support System

First and foremost, each ArchTek® sock has our patented arch support system comprised of a 5 layer weave that was designed by a world-renowned doctor. Our support system is the first of its kind and studies have proven our support socks for men reduce foot strain and pressure.

  • Form-Fitting Leg Compression

With the incorporation of a graduated compression system, our socks increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to ease swelling and reduce fatigue after long periods of time on your feet.

  • Left and Right Designs

Designing socks that are specific to the foot ensures a better fit and increased support and comfort levels.

  • Energy Return System

Our trademarked Y-Strap design helps to reduce fatigue and improve the longevity of energy levels in the foot and lower leg.

  • Anti-Bacterial Material

By designing our socks with odor-free yarn, customers can be assured that their feet are kept fresher throughout the day.

  • Seamless Toe Cap

Often, the toe cap can provide discomfort and make the foot sweat. By removing this, we eliminate these risks, thus making the sock more comfortable.

Benefits of Choosing Supportive Socks For Men

Buying socks that support your feet and leg can be beneficial even to those without medical conditions. Compression socks can provide increased stability, improve your posture and help to evenly distribute pressure and shock throughout the whole foot. These can have countless health benefits, not only for your feet but for other joints such as your knees and hips.

The increase in blood circulation and oxygen flow around your feet and lower leg can alleviate pressure, reduce swelling and increase energy levels within your feet as well as speed up recovery time if you exercise regularly or have picked up an injury.

Choose Archtek Support Socks For Men

We have designed socks with built in arch support as well as compression support socks with specific arch modifications for each gender sewn into the arch.

Whatever the occasion, start your day right by ensuring you are wearing ArchTek® compression support socks for men. For stylish socks that provide relief, comfort and support lasting the whole day through, choose ArchTek today! Read Less


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