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The World's First Orthotic Sock.

New Athletic Ankle Sock 6-Pack in White version improved versionNew Athletic Ankle Sock 6-Pack in Black improved versionNew Athletic Ankle Sock 6-pack in Black/White Combo improved versionNew Athletic Ankle Sock 3-Pack in White improved versionNew Athletic Ankle Sock 3-Pack in Black improved version

Brand new

Ankle Socks

Check out ArchTek® version 2.0 of our ankle, quarter and crew lineup! Better fabric, improved Y-Strap and more compression.

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ArchTek® arch support socks | Dr. designed & patented

Arch Support

Patented doctor designed 5 layer arch support system

ArchTek® energy return system | Dr. designed & patented

Energy Return

Dynamic energy return system for foot comfort

ArchTek® compression socks | Dr. designed & patented

Leg Compression

Leg compression system To reduce swelling and improve comfort.

ArchTek® arch support socks with seamless toe design | Dr. designed & patented

Seamless toe

We’ve removed the toe seam to make the sock infinitely more comfortable

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Dress Socks

Arch Support Socks

ArchTek® Dress Socks feature our patented energy return system and six elements of sock perfection. Exercise with long-lasting comfort, thanks to our patented arch support.

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How do you make the perfect arch support sock? You take a sock apart. You analyze its every aspect. You add all the features that are good for feet and legs, and remove all the parts that cause pain and discomfort. Ridiculously SUPPORTIVE, made from SOFT MATERIAL, completely ODOR-FREE and above all STYLISH & FASHIONABLE! Because let’s face it, no one wants to wear an ugly sock.

Make The Switch

Fed up with sore, aching feet after a long day? Change your daily socks to ArchTek® arch support socks. We've reinvented the sock and meticulously analyzed and enhanced each of its components to creating a sock that not only provides comfort and support, but is stylish too.

Gone are the days of needing personalized insoles and orthotics. With our patented ArchTek® sock technology, foot pain and discomfort are eased, no matter what shoe you wear!

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I Bought these for a dear friend who is an avid hiker. I love these socks and now I’m sharing with those I love.

Dana F.

Athletic Quarter Socks


Surprisingly very good! My foot pain has literally gone since I started using this socks. Couldn’t believe the technology behind making of the ergonomically comfortable socks. Hats off!👌👌👌


Sporty Pack


These socks take the cake. There is nothing better. Nothing comes close. Nothing is more stable. Nothing is more solid in the arch but still soft and comfortable. I love them and will never wear anything else. Keep it up ArchTek.

Jack Z.

Dress Pack


NO MORE PAIN....WOW. I stand and make pastries all day. I am on my feet for 8-12 hours a day and when I get home I am in PAIN. My news socks have been the biggest blessing in my life. I go to work and come home with NO PAIN. My feet feel good, my legs feel good and I am not tired or sore. I have them in the athletic type as they are stronger but I also have the dress type which I wear to church and parties. Thank you so much!

Oscar M.

Athletic Quarter


Bought some socks but they are sold out now. I need more. Please please get them to me ASAP. I love these socks. They are amazing for work and play. Thanks.

Emily F.

Bold Dress Pack

New Athletic Ankle Sock in White improved version ArchTek Men&
White Athletic Ankle Socks ArchTek
White Athletic Ankle Socks ArchTek
White Athletic Ankle Socks ArchTek
White Athletic Ankle Socks ArchTek
Athletic Ankle Sock in White ArchTek

New arrival

New Athletic Ankle Sock in White improved version
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ArchTek® Athletic Socks feature our patented energy return system and six elements of sock perfection.  Exercise with long-lasting comfort, thanks to our patented arch support.


  • Patented doctor designed 5 layer arch support system
  • Achilles Protection Flap
  • Foot compression
  • Seamless toe closure
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Right and Left specific design

Fits just above shoe line.

Materials: 70% Nylon;  28% Poly; 2% Spandex


Why did you add compression to a dress sock?

Dress socks are made to be worn during busy workdays, with long periods of standing or sitting behind a computer. When your legs are dangling, they tend to swell and this causes pain. By adding a subtle amount of compression in the socks, we prevent / decrease the swelling in the legs - which decreases foot pain and leg discomfort.

What is the ArchTek® "Y-Strap energy return system" in your dress socks?

If you look at the of the foot portion of the sock, you will see lines that look like the letter Y. This is our Y strap energy return system. The purpose of this trademarked energy return system is to reduce foot fatigue through a combination of squeezing and relaxing around the foot with every step. This helps your feet feel supported and improves the amount of time you can comfortably be on your feet - such as during a busy workday. Enjoy it!

What is the dynamic Arch Support System?

The arch in ArchTek® socks use a patented 5-layer dense yarn weave to stabilize the foot without weakening the arch structures (as plastic insoles often do). This allows ArchTek® socks to provide you with better dynamic support of the arch and foot during the day. Instead of a single layer of material in the arch area of the sock, we have perfected a technique that allows 5 layers of different material to be placed strategically in the arch of the sock to provide more comfort and arch support.

Why did you add an anti-microbial coating to the socks?

ArchTek® socks are antimicrobial which helps prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria in the fabric, ultimately warding off unpleasant odors. While your feet will still produce the same amount of sweat, the antimicrobial treatment in the sock fabric prevents the proliferation of bacteria and therefore slows or stops odor-producing growth. As well, this coating can also reduce the chance of foot infection.

How long do ArchTek® socks last?

We used the best yarn and materials available—which allow our socks to last as any normal sock would- under your normal wear and tear.

How are ArchTek® socks different than others who claim to offer arch support?

We have the first and only patented sock with true arch support. Our Y-strap technology reduces strain on ligaments, tendons and joints--this has never been done before. We also designed specialized graduated compression to reduce fatigue and stress throughout the entire foot and ankle structure. To top that off, we added a seamless toe cap to make the socks more breathable and comfortable, as well as an anti-microbial coating to our best-in-class materials.

Do ArchTek® socks have a Right/Left distinction, and are the two sides actually different?

Yes! We created unique Right / Left socks for each foot and have them clearly labeled on the inside of the upper part of the sock. You can easily see it as you put on ArchTek® socks.

Can you explain the sock sizing?

Yes! ArchTek® socks are the exact same for men & women (unisex) and they come in 2 sizes (Medium or Large).

  • Our Medium size works for men (shoe size 6-9.5 US) OR for women (shoe size 6-10 US).
  • Our Large size works for men (shoe size 10-14 US) OR for women (shoe size 10.5-15.5 US).

Washing and Care

We recommend washing your socks on delicate, inside out, with like colors. We also recommend trying to keep your socks out of the dryer to protect the delicate fibers of the sock. We use premium materials and the heat from the dryer can damage these fibers and prevent the socks from lasting as long as possible.