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If you suffer from foot pain or your doctor has recommended that you buy compression socks to support your feet and reduce any swelling in your legs, then ArchTek® socks are for you.

Buy your compression socks online from ArchTek® socks and you can reap all the health benefits that our cleverly designed socks with their patented arch support will bring you. Read More

How Have ArchTek® Compression Support Socks Been Designed?

Compression support socks give you a gentle pressure that can help to take away any swelling in your feet and ankles. Along with this, by using pressure, they also encourage blood flow from your legs to your heart and help with your circulation.

By completely redesigning and rethinking the way that ankle compression socks work, the creators of ArchTek® socks have come up with an ingenious design that allows you to remain comfortable throughout the day, have the support you need and not compromise on style.

This is achieved by having a 5 layer dense arch material that acts in the same way as an insole. However, unlike an insole, you can look forward to having a better fit from these socks.

With our trademarked energy return system also included within the sock, it helps to reduce any strain on your feet. We have also added leg compression to reduce any swelling that you may experience in your legs.

Unlike traditional socks, we have created left and right specific foot socks for the best possible fit. You can also look forward to further comfort thanks to us removing the irritating toe seam and replacing it with antimicrobial yarn.

Inspiration Behind Dr. Bob Baravarian's Compression Socks

The brains behind these compression socks are Dr. Bob Baravarian, a foot and ankle surgeon with over 20 years’ experience practising medicine and Eddie Kohan, who designs and manufactures products. By sharing their expertise with each other, ArchTek® socks were born, and now you can benefit from their design.

Our research from F-scans showed that there was a reduction in foot strain and pressures, and it was tested both with and without the socks. As well as this, there was better arch support for those who were wearing the socks. But do not just take our word for it, read our customer reviews and try a pair for yourself today to experience the difference.

Buy Your Compression Socks Today

Do not suffer from foot pain and uncomfortable swelling in your legs. Simply purchase a pack of ArchTek® socks and experience the relief that they can bring. Our positive reviews from our customers are a testament to the design of these socks.

You will find a range of different styles on our website with everything from subtle designs to bolder prints, so there is something for everyone, and you will not have to compromise on the look of your socks.

We have designed men's sport compression socks as well as socks for foot pain with our patented arch support technology woven into the socks. Buy compression socks today and get the support you need. Read Less


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