Support socks for foot pain

Socks For Foot Pain

When you suffer from painful feet, it can be excruciating, and you may be put off from doing your everyday activities. Fortunately, ArchTek® socks for foot pain can help to relieve the pressure on your feet thanks to their clever design. Best of all, there is no need to compromise on style as our socks do say medical in terms of feel and function, yet you can still get the benefits.

With the patented arch support in our socks, you can say goodbye to painful feet and hello to a new world of comfort. With socks that make every pair of shoes feel more comfortable, why would you wear anything else? Read More

How Do Our Socks Work, and How do They Relieve Your Foot Pain?

If you suffer from the plantar fasciitis or you have other foot pain, ArchTek socks for foot pain can help. They work by having a 5 layer dense support arch of material that works similarly to an insole, although it is more effective because it gives you a better fit. The support moves with your foot muscles rather than just holding your arch up as an insole would.

They are also incredibly comfortable to wear; the irritating seam that you find on normal socks has been removed and we also use an antimicrobial yarn. To further ensure that you get a great fit, there are left and right feet specific support socks for foot pain.

You can also look forward to having our trademarked energy return system that reduces strain on your feet, and we have added compression to reduce any swelling that you may suffer from.

This innovation was the brainchild of Dr. Bob Baravarian, a foot and ankle surgeon who has over 20 years of practice experience. After discovering that insoles and orthotics in shoes do not necessarily fit correctly, he realised there must be a better way. He teamed up with Eddie Kohan, a designer and manufacturer, and together they brought ArchTek® socks to the market to offer a practical and stylish solution for foot pain.

Support Socks For Foot Pain With Proven Results

The results gained from ArchTek® socks have been backed up by research through F-scans that show foot function both with and without the socks. When wearing the socks, the scans found that there was a reduction in foot strain and pressure on the feet. It also demonstrated that there was improved arch support.

Along with helping to reduce your foot pain, ArchTek® foot support socks can also be used to help with lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain and shoulder pain.

Order Your Socks from ArchTek and Look Forward to Reducing Your Foot Pain

You can reduce your ongoing foot pain by ordering your ArchTek® socks online and trying them out for yourself. We have a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, and you can order packs so that you have enough to wear each day.

To hear what our customers think, read through our reviews, and see why our customers love to wear ArchTek® socks.

We have designed achilles heel support socks as well as magnetic foot support compression socks with our patented arch support technology woven into the socks. Buy compression socks today, and you can get on with your life pain-free. Read Less


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