Magnetic foot support compression socks

Copper Infused Magnetic Foot Support Compression Socks

Do you suffer from painful feet or swelling in your legs and ankles? It could be that you spend a lot of time on your feet. Perhaps you sit behind a computer at work with your legs dangling so that your legs tend to swell? Or maybe you suffer from pain in your feet while playing sport? If so, our copper-infused magnetic foot support compression socks are just the thing for you as they help to relieve the discomfort that you experience.

Using patented arch support technology, ArchTek has completely reconstructed the sock to give you the best possible fit so that you can remain comfortable no matter what you are doing. Read More

How do Our Magnetic Foot Support Compression Socks Work?

A normal sock has only one layer of material for your arch, which is why it does not offer everyone the support they need. Insoles can sometimes combat this, but they do not always remain in the right place, and they do not move with your foot muscles. On the other hand, ArchTek® magnetic foot support socks have 5 different layers made up of a variety of materials in the arch of the sock for the best support for your feet.

Along with arch support, we have also added compression to your socks that can help when you have a busy day or are on your feet a lot. With some gentle compression, there will be less swelling in your legs and ankles, which in turn can reduce your foot pain and feeling of foot fatigue.

Our trademarked energy return system has been used to take away any strain from your feet and make you feel more comfortable. To further aid your comfort, we have used antimicrobial yarn, and this can stop unpleasant odours from occurring as well as preventing the growth of bacteria.

For the best fit, we have designed left and right specific socks, and you will find that these are clearly labelled inside the top of each sock. You will also discover that we have removed the irritating toe seam so they’ll will soon become the most comfortable pair of socks that you own.

ArchTek® socks have been designed by the world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Bob Baravarian who has over 20 years of practice experience. Along with Eddie Kohan, who has years of designing and manufacturing products, Dr Bob has brought ArchTek® socks to the market.

Let Your Foot Pain Become a Thing of the Past With Magentic Compression Socks

With ArchTek®’s magnetic foot support compression socks, you can have the best support for your feet and enjoy reaching the end of the day without your feet feeling fatigued.

Our research has shown that there is a reduction in foot pressure and strain when wearing the socks compared with not wearing them and that they give you improved arch support. This means you can order yours today with confidence and look forward to a reduction in foot pain.

We have designed achilles heel support socks as well as foot support socks with our patented arch support technology woven into the socks.

You can read our reviews to learn why our customers love wearing ArchTek® socks for their everyday pair and sport. Order yours today and start reaping the benefits that they bring. Read Less


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