Running socks with arch support

Arch Support Running Socks

Do you love to run or partake in another sporting activity but have either been put off because of foot pain or because your foot issues limit what you can do? If so, ArchTek® socks have been designed for people like you.

Our arch support running socks are the perfect choice for anyone who loves to run or take part in a variety of other sports because they give you support where you need it when you need it. Plus, there is no compromise on your style.

ArchTek® socks have been designed with patented arch support that does not currently exist on any other brand of sock. With our socks, you can have arch support with any shoe so you can look forward to your favourite running shoes being comfortable once again. We suggest pairing our socks with a well-structured shoe for the ultimate support. Read More

How do Running Socks from ArchTek Give Your Feet Support?

Our arch support comes from having a 5 layer dense material to give your arch the support it needs. It works in a similar way to an insole, but instead of being fixed in place in your shoe, it supports and moves with the muscles of your feet to give you better support.

Not only this, but each sock also has our trademarked energy return system, which helps to take away any strain on your feet. Plus, it has leg compression to reduce any swelling in your legs and ankles, along with improving your circulation.

You will soon discover that ArchTek® running socks with arch support are the most comfortable socks you have worn, and this is thanks to the fact that we have removed the irritating toe seam and the sock has been knitted using an antimicrobial yarn. They are also left and right foot specific to ensure the best fit for your feet. The socks are labelled for ease, and this is put inside the upper part of the sock.

Who Designed Archtek's Arch Support Running Socks?

Our doctor designed arch support running socks were created by Dr. Bob Baravarian, a world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon. He realised that insoles and orthotics that are designed to be placed in shoes often don’t fit as well as they should, or that they don’t fit in some shoes at all. He, therefore, decided to completely redesign the sock to give better arch and foot support thus doing away with the need for insoles and orthotics. Eddie Kohan, a designer and manufacturer, joined forces with him and together they brought the revolutionary socks to the market.

The research from F-scans shows that when using ArchTek® athletic socks with arch support there is a reduction in foot strain and pressures compared to wearing normal socks. As well as this, they also showed that there was improved arch support when wearing the socks.

Be at the Top of Your Game with ArchTek® Running Socks

With ArchTek® socks, you can look forward to doing the sport you love while having the best arch support for your feet and reduced pain and discomfort.

We have designed achilles heel support socks as well as copper infused magnetic foot support compression socks with our patented arch support technology woven into the socks. Buy compression socks today, and you can get on with your life pain-free. We have different colours available for our sports socks, and they come in single pairs or you can buy them in multiple packs so that you have enough to wear and wash; this way you never need to compromise your comfort again. Read Less


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