The Perfect Sock Made By Doctors: Six Aspects of the Archtek Sock Technology

The Perfect Sock Made By Doctors: Six Aspects of the Archtek Sock Technology

The Perfect Sock Made By Doctors: Six Aspects of the Archtek Sock Technology

If you are on your feet all day or like to do a lot of exercise, you might find that you suffer from foot pain or that your feet swell up. This can be extremely uncomfortable and, over time, can become a problem that you want to solve. When thinking of ways to relieve foot discomfort, many people’s first thought is shoes and insoles. Specialised shoes and insoles can be a great way to ensure your feet are more comfortable, but they may not be able to support your feet in exactly the way you want. However, medical dress socks with Archtek sock technology can.

Socks are an item of clothing that many people overlook. We all wear them daily, but they can be utilised in a better way. Socks with Archtek sock technology can provide your foot muscles with the support they need to stay comfortable throughout the day. Pair them with well-structured shoes and you will never look back.

The Six Elements of Archtek Sock Technology

Socks can be seen as a simple item of clothing, but there are six elements to an Archtek sock that transforms it into the perfect socks for foot pain. These six elements were developed over 5 years of research and innovation that began with an aim to create a sock that was both fashionable and foot focused. Everything has been thought of so that there is no need for you to have to deal with foot pain again.

  • Arch support system – The Archtek arch support technology uses a 5-layer weave that provides support to the arch of your foot and stabilizes the overall structure of your foot throughout the day. The unique arch support ensures that the muscles in your foot don’t get weakened and that you can be on your feet without being in pain.
  • Form-fitting leg compression – Throughout the day your legs can begin to swell. The leg compression feature in Archtek socks is designed to prevent this. The system built into each sock is a knit-in compression system and it will ensure that foot fatigue is reduced and you can maintain a spring in your step.
  • Left & right design – Your left and right foot are different, so each sock should be uniquely designed for each foot. Shoes are designed to incorporate left and right, so it makes sense that socks should too. Archtek arch support socks are designed this way so that they fit better and complement the shape of each foot. The unique cut, padding and stitching will ensure the comfort of both of your feet.
  • Trademark energy return system – The Y-Strap technology that is built into each sock is there to help reduce foot fatigue. It also helps to improve the energy and longevity of your foot structure during the day.
  • Anti-microbial materials – To make the perfect socks, you need great materials. Archtek socks are made out of the best quality antibacterial yarn so that it is soft and prevents your feet from smelling. The life of your socks is also extended by an anti-microbial coating that limits the effects and growth of bacteria.
  • Seamless toe cap – The toe seam has been removed to make Archtek socks more comfortable and more breathable.

Swapping your normal socks for Archtek ankle support socks could be the change that you need so that you don’t have to worry about foot discomfort again.

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