plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis and How Arch Support Socks Can Help

Plantar Fasciitis and How Arch Support Socks Can Help

Plantar Fasciitis and How Arch Support Socks Can Help

Plantar Fasciitis can be a nuisance to those who suffer from it. It is a common cause of foot pain, but the discomfort and pain can begin to affect all aspects of your life. Many people don’t know how to deal with it and question how long the pain will last, but you will be happy to know that there are arch support socks that can help.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

If you have plantar fasciitis you will have pain around the arch and heel of the bottom of your foot. It happens when the plantar fascia, which is a band of tissue that supports the arch of your foot, gets inflamed.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis can include pain near the heel and arch of the foot that is worse when you wake up and take your first steps. As the day goes on, the pain usually decreases, but it can become worse after sitting or standing for too long or after exercise, but not usually during exercise.

How Arch Support Socks can help

It can be frustrating to have to deal with aching feet all the time. Prolonged discomfort could leave you feeling like there is no solution to your pain, however, wearing arch support socks can help. Arch support socks are a great alternative to personalized insoles, and you can wear them with any shoes to increase your comfort, and minimise your foot pain. Unlike insoles that hold up the arch of your foot, support socks actually support your foot muscles while you move.

Arch support socks aren’t like normal socks. They are specially designed to give you the support you need so that you can stay comfortable on your feet for prolonged periods of time. Archtek Plantar Fasciitis socks combine this support with a fashionable look so that you don’t have to choose between foot health and style.

Some of the benefits of Archtek arch support socks include:

  • Arch support – if you are on your feet all day you will benefit from the support and comfort that the 5 layer support sock design provides.
  • Leg compression – When you are on your feet for a long time your legs and feet can become swollen which can be uncomfortable. The leg compression feature in Archtek socks can reduce this swelling and discomfort.
  • Unique left and right design – Each sock is designed specifically to fit either your left or right foot. This means that they fit better to the unique shape of each foot and are more comfortable.

Plantar fasciitis is something that most people recover from when they get the right treatments and support for their feet. For some, it can be treated with a variety of home remedies, whereas others may need a doctor’s advice. 

However, your plantar fasciitis gets treated, ankle compression sock are a great way to give the arch of your foot and your ankles more support, ensuring that your feet are as comfortable as possible as you go on with your day.

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