Medical compression dress socks

Medical Dress Socks

Finding socks that provide support without compromising on style has historically been a tough challenge. Now, thanks to ArchTek choosing medical dress socks has never been easier!

Gone are the days of bulky inserts that restrict your choice of shoe. Through innovation, research and analysis, the founders of ArchTek designed a sock that provides the same relief with the added benefit of moving with your foot's natural motion rather than being a static object.

Boasting a wide range of varieties in numerous colors and styles, ArchTek has arch-supporting, therapeutic socks that suit every occasion. With our specialty plantar fasciitis socks you can head to work, meet your friends and go about your daily activities without pain. Read More

Patented Medical Technology in Our Dress Socks

Co-founded by Dr Bob; a top foot and ankle surgeon with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we are proud to provide customers with fashionable socks that are medically beneficial for your feet and legs. Working hard to combine the support and relief that is provided by insoles and orthotics into our ankle support socks , Dr Bob patented our first of its kind arch support system.

To construct our medical compression dress socks, our founders then completely took apart the regular product, enhancing and improving aspects from the ground up before incorporating Dr Bob’s arch support. Fast forward to the present day and our top of the range technology has improved the lives of thousands of happy customers.

Each one of our socks has the following key elements:

  • Leg compression - compression socks have numerous medical benefits such as increased blood flow and circulation, reduction of swelling and lower levels of fatigue in the legs and feet.
  • Energy return system - our trademarked ‘Y-strap’ technology is designed to reduce fatigue and improve the energy levels of the foot.
  • Anti-bacterial yarn - our socks are made with anti-microbial material which keeps your feet smelling fresher throughout the day and reduces the build-up of bacteria.
  • Seamless toe cap - removing the toe seam makes the sock more comfortable and can reduce sweating because the foot is able to breath more easily.
  • Left and right design - it is important to note that feet are unique so there shouldn’t be a ‘one sock fits all’ approach; our left and right design ensures a better fit for increased comfort and support.
  • Arch support system - last but not least is our patented arch support system; a 5 layer weave that moves alongside the foot’s natural motion to provide the utmost support and comfort.

Our goal at ArchTek is to ensure customers have socks that are comfortable, supportive and in a variety of styles so they can match any outfit. From ankle cut to mid-rise, dress socks to training socks, we have a pair to suit everyone.

For Relief and Comfort That Lasts All Day, Try ArchTek® Medical Dress Socks

Say goodbye to daily pain and discomfort by choosing ArchTek® medical dress socks. We have designed compression socks for sports recovery as well as support socks for men with specific arch modifications for each gender sewn into the arch. Shop online today! Read Less


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