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Making the Perfect Sock

Making the Perfect Sock

Dr. Bob (Our Foot Doctor) Explains it all

Archtek socks are a new company that has taken all the technical factors to make the perfect sock and combined it with a fashion forward design allowing you style and substance in one package.  Our founder Dr. Bob Baravarian is a world renowned foot and ankle surgeon who decided to make the socks after he was experiencing foot pain while wearing nice shoes on a trip.  His shoes didn’t fit insoles and he decided that most people had the same issue and foot pain needed a better option.

After 20 years in practice and having treated over 50,000 patients, I have seen all types of foot and leg pain.  From plantar fasciitis to Achilles tendinitis to bunions and neuroma, there is nothing I haven’t treated relating to foot pain.  What I have understood over the years is that feet need support and structure to be happy and without proper support feet hurt and become uncomfortable.  After years of recommending better shoes and insoles for the shoes, I began to try and find a better way. Why not add the support to the socks so you can wear any shoe you like and also not have to deal with insoles that don’t fit your shoe or are uncomfortable.  For years, podiatrist have used taping of the foot as a remedy to relieve aches and pains.  Why can’t we add the same taping idea to the sock instead.  

Making our Sock a Reality

My idea was a great one but ideas are a dime a dozen, getting them to reality is a whole other issue.  I began to think of the perfect partner for my sock idea and chose Eddie who had a lot of experience with logistics and manufacturing to be my partner on this journey.  Over three years, we worked to make the perfect sock, received 2 utility patents and several trademarks for our innovations. This was no easy project as no machine in existence could make the sock we wanted so we had to work with a factory to make all new software to make the arch the way we wanted.  

Our 6 Innovations for the Perfect Sock

We decided that our socks needed 5 key factors to be the perfect sock and we would not compromise until the socks had all the keys to sock perfection.  We spent a great deal of time on each and every aspect and worked day and night to make the production facilities understand that we wanted it all not just part of the 5 key factors.

Our 5 keys are:

No Seams:  No toe seam, no heel seam no leg seam.  

Leg compression that is just right:  Not to tight and hard to pull on and not so soft that you don’t feel the love

Energy Return:  Our trademarked y-strap system on the top of the sock reduces foot fatigue and returns energy to the foot with each step

No smell:  Our yarn is dyed in antimicrobial material to avoid smell and infection related to foot fungus and bacteria.  

Arch support that is REAL: A lot of socks talk arch support but we are the only sock with a patented 5 layer arch support system that feels like an insole in your shoe.  It doesn’t exist on any other sock and is the heart of our sock.

Great socks are not enough

Wait we aren’t done.  Just making the perfect technical sock is not enough.  It has to be aesthetically perfect with innovative design and colors that pop.  It has to make you feel special in the shoe, on the leg and in your heart.  A sock is a statement and we want you to feel you are making a statement and caring for your feet and legs at the same time.  Without style, the technical aspect is nothing.  

For that reason, we teamed up with Q.  Our secret agent of style.  Q designed our technical needs into innovative designs and will continue to grow our style, materials and fashion statement with each new season.  Try the socks now and get on our email list to get the latest designs and new styles as they become available.  

The Best Socks Ever Made

So we did it.  We made the perfect socks and now its up to you to try it, love it, tell the world about it and make our dream of foot comfort for all a reality.  We are so confident our socks are the best you will ever ear that we give you a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied, return the socks and we will give you your money back no questions asked.  

Dr Bob had a vision and a dream.  As a doctor his goal was to offer his patients foot comfort and pain relief.  With Archtek socks, Dr. Bob has achieved that dream and knows you will too.

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