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Has the Pandemic Increased the Cases of Foot Pain?

Has the Pandemic Increased the Cases of Foot Pain?

The Research Says Yes!

So you have been sitting at home doing no major walking, no major stressful or straining activity but you have now got foot pain.  How is that possible?  You are less active but you are getting heel pain.  There are several reasons for this.  The first and most important is the lack of support on your feet.

Most people are barefoot at home and long periods of walking around barefoot can cause strain on the foot which then results in an increase in pain.  The second is a lack of activity which results in an increase in muscle tightness and stiffness resulting in increased strain on the foot and additional pain.  Finally, the emotional stress of the pandemic and all that it represents can cause strain on the muscles and tendons of the body and that stress causes pain.  

So what can you do? Well it's simple, to start, begin to stretch a bit.  Stretch your calf and Achilles tendon, your hamstring and even your lower back.  Stretching will reduce your emotional pain and also your muscle pain.  Reduction of muscle tightness will also reduce strain on the foot. 

The second important thing to do is to support the foot and not to be barefoot.  This can be done with an arch support sock such as our patented Archtek Socks and also with arch support sandals such as Birkenstock.  The additional support will reduce foot fatigue and strain.  With proper support and stretching, a bit of relaxing and breathing, both the pandemic and your foot pain will resolve and return to normal.


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