The ArchTek® Sock Explained

Can specialized arch support socks come to the rescue? Are they good for plantar fasciitis and other painful foot problems? Our answer is yes and that’s what we’re all about. ArchTek® has taken apart the classic sock and reinvented it from heel to toe. Unlike a regular insole, which statically just holds up your foot’s arch, our socks dynamically support it. It moves with your foot so you don’t lose any strength and has enough built-in compression to keep blood flowing through your feet and ankles, reducing swelling and inflammation.

Start your journey toward pain relief in a simple, comfortable, and fashionable way now!

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Our exceptionally deigned sock contains the following 6 elements, which altogether, create the only sock you’ll ever need.


How do you make the perfect sock? You take a sock apart. You analyze its every aspect. You add all the features that are good for feet and legs, and remove all the parts that cause pain and discomfort. ArchTek socks are ridiculously SUPPORTIVE, made from SOFT MATERIAL, completely ODOR-FREE and above all STYLISH & FASHIONABLE! Because let’s face it, no one wants to wear an ugly sock.Sounds perfect, right? That is what ArchTek® is all about. It’s simply the perfect sock.

Foot pain no more! These socks are an absolute game changer!

- Eric J.

The ankle support in these socks is incredibly! Very high-quality socks, can't beat it!

- Toby S.

The compression is just right and my feet aren't sore anymore at the end of the day!

- Marisa S.

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