General Program Info

This goes over the basics of what Affiliatly is, the program setup and other general information.

Affiliatly is an affiliate tracking app i.e. working affiliate program. It allows us to track your activity as an influencer and your sales so we can pay out your comissions.

Now that you are registered you get access to marketing materials, the backend of Affiliatly to help you monitor your own stats and much more!

Tier 1:

Friends & Family 15% Off Code for referrals

Personal Discount Code 25% OFF Entire Store for as long as you are with ArchTek

Access to Dropbox with images & logos

After 5 orders you move up

Tier 2:

This is where you start earning commissions on referrals!

5% commissions on all sales going forward for people that use your code or trackable link

ArchTek Gift Box with free swag!

After 15 orders you move up

Tier 3:

You have now made it!

up your commissions to 15% on all sales

A Statement Pack & Potential Selection to become Sponsored by ArchTek

Tracking & User Dashboard

These will answer basic questions about your own dashboard, viewing your stats, orders and more.

It is done in two ways:

1. The app tracks users on your site who were referred (by clicking on a link) by your affiliate. When such user visits your site, a cookie is stored on the user’s computer, so the program knows that this is an affiliated user even if the user doesn't make an order right away (cookies are stored for 7 days by default, you can change this value in the Settings page)

2. When a user makes an order on your site, the app checks if this client has a cookie, i.e. its a client referred by an affiliate. If it’s true, it marks the order in the database for the affiliate who referred the user.

Once you as an Affiliatе have hit a commission earning tier, you earns a fixed percent of the total sum from purchases made from users you refer. The higher the tier the higher the commission that is paid per order.

By default the cookie is active for 30 days here at ArchTek. This means that if the referred visitor makes a purchase within that 30 day window, his or her purchase will be associated with the referring affiliate.

When the 30 days pass, the visitor will no longer be associated with the affiliate and future purchases will not be associated with the referring affiliate.

So it is always best practice to encourage your referrals to purchase sooner rather than later!