Introducing ArchTek®: Science Meets Beautiful Socks

Introducing ArchTek®: Science Meets Beautiful Socks

How do your feet feel right now? Are they comfortable and cushioned? Are they bursting with energy? Do they make you want to go for a run? Or… are your arches aching from lack of support? Are you experiencing toe pain or plantar fasciitis? Whatever the condition of your feet, ArchTek® is here to improve it.

We may be a little biased considering that our founder Dr. Bob Baravarian is a Board-Certified Podiatric Foot and Ankle Specialist, but we believe that foot health is paramount to enjoying life to its fullest. After all, how can you go out dancing when you’re nursing a bunion? How can you go hiking with your furry best friend when you wake up with stabbing pain in your heels?

Your foot health is our primary concern, but we also know that appearances matter. That’s why Dr. Bob has developed a therapeutic sock with dynamic arch support that comes in colorful styles you’ll love. From athletic sport designs to business casual men’s and women’s fashion, find the look you love and express your personality while keeping your feet healthy.

Dynamic Arch Support System

Even if you’re not a jogger, the everyday pressure on your feet can create tremendous stress on the foot – especially the tissues that connect the heel and toe. That beautiful and delicate part of the body (yes, we love feet!) is called the arch, and our socks support it. By opposing the downward pressure of gravity, ArchTek® socks act like a knit-in orthotic, cradling your foot and giving back with its dynamic arch support system.

Reduce Everyday Pain

Sometimes it’s difficult to pin down exactly what’s ‘wrong’ with your feet. Whether it’s a slightly inflamed toe joint, a strained feeling in the balls of your feet, or a general ache all over the foot, foot stress can keep you from enjoying life. ArchTek® socks give your feet a second wind by reducing that everyday discomfort and putting a spring back in your step. With our trademarked energy-return system, we offer unique pain-relief technology that lets you say good-bye to foot fatigue.

Uncompomising Fashion

We know what you’re thinking when we use the term “therapeutic socks” - your grandmother’s faded pink compression hose that don’t go with anything. Well, we’ve changed all that. These ain’t your grandma’s support hose! Browse our designs to find beautiful socks to fit every occasion. Whether you’re complementing your favorite work shoes or hitting the gym in your best designer sportswear, our styles have you covered with colors and patterns that excite. We guarantee they’ll be the ones you reach for, for all the right reasons.


5 Steps to Foot Success

Dr. Bob spent years honing the design of the ArchTek® sock, and now that it’s being unleashed to the public, we can tell you the secret formula: A 5-step plan to foot success! 

1. ArchTek® Arch Support

We have patented a five-layer weave to support the arch. This state-of-the-art foot technology is at the center of our sock-tech success. It’s a sturdy, unique knit that has passed our repeated stress tests with flying colors. That means you can count on the support of your ArchTek® socks to last.

2. Form-Fitting Leg Compression

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of leg compression for air travel. But did you know that compression is also beneficial for everyday use? Many people spend hours a day on their feet, which causes leg swelling and discomfort. Gentle squeezing combats this problem, which is why we designed a specialized graduated compression to reduce fatigue and stress throughout the foot.

3. Best-In-Class Materials

You can’t make delicious food without quality ingredients, and you can’t make high-performance socks without using the best materials. To increase the life of your socks, we’ve added an anti-microbial coating that limits the growth of bacteria. Nobody likes a smelly foot, and those same bacteria can erode the fabric over time as well. So we devised this odor-trapping life-extending material to make sure you get the most of your ArchTek® socks. 

4. Trademarked Energy Return System

How do you get energy back from your socks? With built-in Y-Strap technology! We trademarked this knit-in compression system that complements your foot structure and cradles the arch in exactly the right way to keep your energy high and prolong your foot’s vitality.

5. Seamless Toe Cap

Why remove the toe cap seam? Well, we thought it would help make your socks more comfortable. But it’s also quite functional – seamless toe caps help your toes breathe better, which reduces sweating. See for yourself what it’s like to wiggle your toes seamlessly!


Summing It All Up

In addition to these five must-have elements, we also offer unique right and left designs so that each foot gets its own reward. When you think about it, of course, a pair of socks should have one left and one right. Your shoes do, why not socks? The cut, padding, and stitching of ArchTek® socks all reflect the individual shape of each side.

We’re proud to offer fashionable socks that are good for your feet, and in many cases can be used in lieu of arch supports. Now it’s time to raise the bullhorn and introduce our solution for tired and weary feet. We promise to back our product with the knowledge and experience of a Board-Certified podiatrist.

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