Dr. Bob's Instant Foot Pain Relief System

“I couldn't walk my pain was so bad... Bob's system gives more pain relief than my expensive orthotics. Thanks Bob! Customer service is great too.”

Jack M.
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"I recommend this system to all of my patients with any kind of foot pain. The results have been outstanding."

Dr. Bob Baravarian


Free 3-7 day shipping from Bob's US warehouse

Free 3-7 day shipping from Bob's US warehouse

ArchTek® Pain Relief Bundle

732 Reviews | Sell Out Risk HIGH
732 Reviews
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If you suffer from ANY type of foot pain, the ArchTek® Instant Pain Relief Bundle can help.

This bundle was designed by Dr. Bob Baravarian, a foot and ankle surgeon who has been studying for years.

He was tired of customers spending thousands of dollars on visits, so he invented ArchTek®... the last pain relief system you will ever need.

Dr. Bob's system moves with your foot muscles rather than just holding your arch up as an insole would.

Helps Treat:

Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis


Tired Feet

  • Patented 5 layer arch support system
  • Doctor designed & approved
  • Ditch expensive insoles & orthotics
  • Relieves Stress & Pain
  • Improves Circluation & Prevents Injury
Relieve Your Pain - Buy Now

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Let Me Ask You...

Can you imagine living without sore, aching feet at the end of each day?

What would it be like to make it through the day without foot pain or fatigue?

Can you see yourself relaxing after a long day at work without worrying about foot pain?

What would your life look like if you could effortlessly glide through your day free of pain like you did 10 years ago?

How Does The ArchTek® System Work?

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#1 Foot Strap

Stretch your calf, achilles, and muscles with our ArchTek® Stretcher to relax your Plantar Fascia, improve your range of motion, and reduce muscle fatigue.

#2 Foot Roller

Use our revolutionary ArchTek® Roller to relax your foot and the arch musculature.

#3 Support Socks

The key to our system is our patented ArchTek® Socks. These are designed to support your arch, relieving foot fatigue and pain.

#4 Routine

Use our ArchTek® System on a daily basis, and decide on which type of sock you want to use based on what your requirements are.

Arch Support

Our patented tech is at the heart of our sock. It's the first of its kind 5 layer weave that supports the arch. Proven to not lose its support; our socks will stand the test of time

Energy Return

Our Y Strap system is built into each one of our socks, and is designed to reduce foot fatigue while improving the energy and longevity of the foot structure throughout the day

Leg Compression

Designed to reduce stress and fatigue throughout the foot and leg by reducing swelling utilizing graduated compression

Leg Seamless Toe

We removed the seam and made a clean and breathable toe cap for extra comfort and reduced sweating

Guaranteed To Relieve Your Pain...


  • I am so confident that my ArchTek® System will relieve your pain, OR GET 100% OF YOUR MONEY BACK.
  • Seriously, if my system does not relieve your pain, I will personally refund you. No questions asked.
  • I have spent years as a foot & ankle surgeon, working on a much cheaper solution for my patients than frequent doctor visits.
  • My ArchTek® System is less than the cost of just 1 of my doctor visits. What are you waiting for?

What's Included In Bob's ArchTek® System?

ArchTek® Roller

  • Relieves foot stress & pain
  • Promotes better circulation & blood flow to reduce swelling
  • Prevents further foot injury
  • Can be frozen for maximum relief

ArchTek® Stretcher

  • Stretches your calf, achilles, and muscles
  • Promotes better circulation & blood flow to reduce swelling
  • Keeps muscles fexible, healthy and strong
  • Relaxes your foot to improve range of motion

ArchTek® Socks

  • Relieves foot stress & pain all day long
  • Promotes better circulation & blood flow to reduce swelling
  • Supports your arch, relieving foot fatigue and pain
  • Same effect as a professional foot taping

ArchTek® Video Tutorials

  • Easy to understand and follow video tutorials
  • Demonstrations of the entire ArchTek® System
  • Visual daily routines for everlasting relief
  • Recorded & taught by Bob himself

1000's of People Have Already Relieved Their Pain with ArchTek®...

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732 Reviews

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Guaranteed To Relieve Your Pain, OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

I am so confident in my ArchTek® System, that I guarantee it will relieve your pain, OR GET 100% OF YOUR MONEY BACK.